Break into ecstatic movement and unbridled soul expression with the funky fusion and World Beats of SoulSweat! Developed by Chantal Pierrat, SoulSweat is an exhilarating dance experience that enhances coordination, tones your body, increases your dynamic flow of energy, and awakens your creative spirit.

World Heat

Funk, hip hop, African and playful, wild pop!  Sarah Jane   has a wide-ranging background that will bring you a passionate exploration of all dance styles!

Conscious Burlesque

The Conscious Burlesque Class is a combination of burlesque technique and group choreography. This class is one hour and fifteen min and is designed for beginning to intermediate students and is led by Madame Merci. You will dance with chairs, boas and belts in the spirit of playful and seductive sensuality! This is a participatory class – so please be prepared to jump in! This is not as high energy or cardio based as SoulSweat or World Heat.


Jessica Wolf, founder of Denver’s Soma Studio, says her Soma class is a fusion of many traditions, “simply a way to allow for the freedom to deviate, create and honor the inspiration that I have gleaned from so many sources…you’ll sense the influence of Nia & Yoga; as well as a return to wisdom your body has long known and possibly forgotten.”

Soma is a deep core strengthening dance class – Jessica weaves in body alignment through intelligent guidance and inspired self awareness! She builds the class slowly and wisely with her gentle and encouraging poetic cues for entering your body in a powerful and celebratory way! You will receive a penetrating workout – don’t be fooled by the the slow build!

Awaken the Dance

Awaken the Dance began with a group of Hannah’s friends in her living room, and expanded to a workshop at Shine last summer. The class combines dance, which helps manifest awareness in the body, and meditation, which manifests awareness of the mind and heart

The class begins in a circle with participants lying down as Hannah rings a bell three times and invites everyone to relax into their bodies, sets an intention for the class and shares a quote. Then she leads students through a “body scan,” where they check in with their bodies, one part at a time, using sensation as a vehicle for meditation, instead of following a breath or mantra. Then, the class moves into warmup, stretching and dancing, both free dance and simple choreography.