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Dance 2B Free’s mission is to reach women in prison through the healing power of dance! Dancing is one of the most transformative outlets for healing trauma – personally, I have yet to find a stronger, more powerful avenue for effecting change in my life or others.

We want women in prison dancing with us! Women coping with the impact of trauma and poverty, women who never had the luxury to take dance classes when they were young, women who have been in survival mode since the day they were born.

We all know what dance has done for us in our lives – imagine the possibilities for transformation when women serving time taste the beauty, release and empowerment of dancing in community!

Bex B is bringing Core Back to Alchemy w Contemporary Pilates!


Stretch what’s tight, and strengthen what’s weak in this contemporary Pilates class with Bex Burton!

If you suffer from low level chronic pain from your daily movements, or if you simply want to feel stronger from the inside out, this class is for you! We’ll focus on finding and activating your deep core stabilizers, while mobilizing all the major joints in the body. Leave feeling longer, leaner, stronger, and a little more fabulous than when you arrived.

Starts 5/12 at 6:35p!

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If you want to explore Yoga at your favorite studio or Barre at the Bar Method Boulder or many other facilities for $79 a mos -Visit:

**ONLY 3 classes per month permitted at AOM**

 Erin Ross is taking over Wed nights at 5:30 with her HOT SoulSweat!


Erin Ross fell in love with Belly Dance in 2004, relying on the dance in a practical sense during the pregnancy and birth of her second child in 2007. After searching for years to find a dance community that was based on dancing for joy rather than performance, she discovered Soul Sweat and Alchemy of Movement in 2012 and was hooked.  She recently completed the Soul Sweat teacher training, and enjoys incorporating Belly Dance and Bollywood themes into her classes.