Alchemy of Movement Owner and Teach Lucy WallaceLucy Wallace, MA owns Alchemy and offers SoulSweat classes that challenge and support you to play with your edges of expression. She brings in body awareness through stylized choreography while supporting you in letting go of your inhibitions through the face, hands, voice and breath. Her class is elegant and messy, chaotic and refined.  She is now providing dance therapy sessions for women and men looking to deepen their movement through choreography and emotional release.  More

Alchemy of Movement: Chantal PierratChantal Pierrat created SoulSweat and is the master of inspiration and expression in each of her classes. She is on fire! Her passion for the funky rhythms of SoulSweat evolved out of her training in traditional Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop, African and contemplative forms of dance.  More

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Maria CooperMaria Cooper teaches the earthiest, most “get-down” version of SoulSweat at Alchemy. She has been healing from an ankle injury – we hope to have her back asap! When she does return you can enjoy her sultry, embodied expression of SoulSweat – she is the master of empowered movement and ecstatic release through movement. More

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Sarah Jane RomanoSarah Jane has a “passion for the groove” and after her classical ballet training she moved on to study Hip-Hop  African, Afro-Cuban, Latin and Eastern dance forms. Come check out “World Heat” and get ready to MOVE!  More
Lisa Klemanski brings an unbeatable combination of dance and teaching experience to her SoulSweat class.  Teaching tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and Latin Blaze for 24 years, Lia studied and worked with many choreographers including Paula Abdul, Keith Clifton, Joshua Bergasse, and Doug Shaffer. More
gea_franklinGea Franklin has been a professional dancer, competitive climber and fashion designer. Now she’s a successful entrepreneur. She brings her creative imagination and professional experience to every one of her SoulSweat™ classes.
   Alchemy of Movement: Dance teacher Tori Sherman  Tori Sherman is our latest addition to Alchemy’s SoulSweat teachers! Tori is welcoming while her   choreography challenges you and inspires you! Her music is fun and high energy – check her out on thurs nights at 5:30!