Alchemy of Movement Owner and Teach Lucy WallaceLucy Wallace, MA owns Alchemy and offers SoulSweat classes that challenge and support you to play with your edges of expression. She brings in body awareness through stylized choreography while supporting you in letting go of your inhibitions through the face, hands, voice and breath. Her class is elegant and messy, chaotic and refined.  She is now providing dance therapy sessions for women and men looking to deepen their movement through choreography and emotional release.  More

Alchemy of Movement: Chantal PierratChantal Pierrat created SoulSweat and is the master of inspiration and expression in each of her classes. She is on fire! Her passion for the funky rhythms of SoulSweat evolved out of her training in traditional Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop, African and contemplative forms of dance.  More

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Maria CooperMaria Cooper teaches the earthiest, most “get-down” version of SoulSweat at Alchemy. She has been healing from an ankle injury – we hope to have her back asap! When she does return you can enjoy her sultry, embodied expression of SoulSweat – she is the master of empowered movement and ecstatic release through movement. More

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Sarah Jane RomanoSarah Jane has a passion for movement and after her classical ballet training she moved on to study Hip-Hop  African, Afro-Cuban, Latin and Eastern dance forms. Come check out “World Heat” where she blends her background into a playful funk. SJ is high energy and offers some fun foot patterns that will challenge you!  More

 Erin Ross is our latest addition of SoulSweat teachers! Her classes are spunky, fun and lively. After searching for years to find a dance community that was based on dancing for joy rather than performance, she discovered Soul Sweat and Alchemy of Movement in 2012 and was hooked.  She recently completed the SoulSweat teacher training, and enjoys incorporating Belly Dance and Bollywood themes into her classes.

burlesquemm Jenna Noah, PhD pending, aka Madame Merci is the Madame and founder of Boulder Burlesque. She formed Boulder Burlesque as a means to study authentic sensuality both the light and the dark. Madame Merci calls on the Boulder Burlesque performers to be look deeply into what they are representing, why they are performing, who are they performing for, and what specifically they are attempting to convey. You will learn a routine with chairs, belts or other toys as a group in stages. This is not a high intensity class rather, an exploration of your sensual expression!

Hannah picHannah Kinderlehrer is back! She will resume her tues 9a SoulSweat class on 4/7/15 and continues to offer Awaken the Dance every monday – we are so happy to have her love of dance back at the studio. Hannah’s SouSweat classes are creative, inspiring and whimsical as she weaves in original choreography with world music!

Alchemy of Movement: Dance teacher Tori Sherman Tori Sherman Tori is welcoming, clear with her movements and cheerful -her choreography is inviting and attainable. Tori started teaching in June of 2013 after years of attending classes at Alchemy. She left corporate life to pursue the more creative and expressive aspects of her life and is grateful to share the dance!

Alchemy of Movement: Jessica WolfeJessica Wolf, former owner of Soma in Denver, was also in the mix of teachers when Alchemy of Movement opened in 1997. She has created an organic and penetrating class filled with graceful momentum and repeated sequences that allow you to drop into the feeling of your movement versus being in your head trying to follow choreography. Jessica is welcoming, challenging and encouraging as she gently guides you into your body – into sensation and out of linear, goal oriented movement/thinking.

CR head shot   Carolyne Rideg, former founder of Alchemy of Movement brought Nia to Colorado in the  early 90’s. Carolyne is a high spirited, fiery, unapologetic teacher; she brings a fierce and frisky sauce to her Athletic Soul classes. Her instruction is precise and enlivening as she directs you to lift your chin up and finish your movement. This class will get your heart rate up for sure but is not as high intensity as SoulSweat. Also if you are sensitive to volume levels Carolyne plays her music lower which some prefer:)