What a journey I have had with this amazing dance studio. Since first arriving to Alchemy of Movement I knew I had found my second home. Alchemy has allowed me to own my body, my voice, and my power in a way no other space has.

In class I often stand in awe of the dance teachers. They are like movement shamans: shaking up my stuck and unprocessed bits and allowing me to fully own the strength and power of my body. Many women leave Alchemy crying tears of joy because of the personal transformation that happens for them. I have always said that a monthly membership at Alchemy is the best and cheapest therapy around (as a psychotherapist I whole heartedly stand behind this statement!). 

Stepping into ownership at Alchemy has been a humbling and powerful experience. Holding space for the chaos, beauty, grace, and healing at Alchemy has been magical, enriching, and a test (at times) for me. I have learned to ask for help (lots of it), to create systems, to strategically plan for the future, and to cultivate authentic community with incredible people and local businesses.

Alchemy is a home to classes and workshops, online dance programing (reaching a national and international audience); and more recently Alchemy has transformed into a mid-sized venue for theater productions, music events, private parties, networking events and more. In addition, our Alchemy Healing Home Room provides an office space to early career therapists and massage therapists. The alchemical magic radiates throughout this venue and beyond. I am honored to be in her service.

If this space has touched you in any way please take the time to give back to the dance community at Alchemy of Movement by voting for Alchemy as best dance studio in the Best Of Boulder survey 2017. The poll deadline is quickly approaching and we would love your vote of confidence.

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To the spirit of the dance!


Jenna Noah

Co-owner Alchemy of Movement

Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Unicorn Wranglers, Jenna Noah and Lucy Wallace, are seen hunting in the vastness of Colorado’s famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. They stumble upon a live Unicorn- what happens next will shock and amaze you.

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Inclusivity At Alchemy

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We were very blessed as a teaching staff to have had Alchemy co-founder Carolyne Redig teach us about the importance of alignment while dancing. Here are some gems we learned from the very experienced and talented Caroline. We dance barefoot because there are 7000 nerve endings in our feet and each connects to a different […]

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