Sessions with Lucy

Whether you are looking for a customized dance class to deepen your workout or to break through your fear of dancing – Lucy is now offering one on one sessions for those wanting to deepen their connection to movement, choreography and the joy of dance!

lucy_privateIncorporating her masters in Psychology, Lucy guides you in moving through the emotional layers of dance by supporting you to move with what is present. Sessions include both verbal sharing and movement which allows you to deepen into the body’s wisdom rather than your mind’s (or mine) interpretation about what is happening. We can drop below opinions and theories as we follow the body’s truth. $75 for one hour ~ contact Lucy at: 720-771-1993 to make an apt!

What Lucy’s students are saying:

lucy_office“Learning to dance was on my “bucket” list.  I called around and Lucy Wallace at Alchemy of Movement was the answer to my call.  I worked with Lucy for about a year one-on-one to learn how to dance.  I found myself discovering more about my body and my core, and at times, found I had old “tapes” playing around dance, movement and body image that needed work.  Lucy had an intuitive approach to this, and lessons became deeper and more integrated.  I learned to let go of old messages and to relax into the music.  I would recommend Lucy for anyone wanting to embrace their beautiful inner dancer!”
Rosemary Lohndorf

“I’ve had the desire to dance trapped inside for many years.  When I watched the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” I’d marvel at the grace, power and beauty of the dancers.  So when I entered a phase of my life that opened up my appreciation for taking better care of myself, nurturing my soul and spirit, the opportunity to take up dancing emerged.  Why not, I’m in great shape, love music and now had the courage to face my old fears. Being a perfectionist was an issue, could I learn at my age of 62 years old, could I remembers the steps, and the inner negative voices went on and on.

So I called and heard this calm, encouraging voice on the phone, it was Lucy.  Not just a great dancer and instructor, but an enthusiastic promoter of her lifelong passion.  “Come in Stephen, You can do this!”  So come in I did and I haven’t looked back since.  The group of most female students were welcoming, as I was the only guy in the group and they made space for me on the dance floor.  I felt the need for construction cones to mark out my space as I went left, when the group sashayed right.  It was comical, but I learned to laugh at myself.

So what’s my message?  Lucy in her wisdom and intuitive sense suggested I stop listening to the negative perfectionistic voices and ask them to dance with me.  I stopped fighting my inner fears and embraced my mis-steps.  This was healing.  As Lucy suggested, when my mind was turned off, my true inner dancer appeared.  It’s been amazing when I’m in sync and moving with the group, in the flow – I’ve learned what it means to be in the present and be alive. If Billy Elliott (the movie) can become a professional ballet dancer in 1975 Ireland, surely Stephen can become the dancer he always dreamed of.”