Boulder Kids Dance Classes


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Boulder Kids Dance Classes!

Please show up 10-15 min early to register for class. Waivers must be signed by parent/ legal guardian prior to class.


Spring Term Children’s Dance Class Schedule (April 10th- May 26th)

classes run Monday and Thursday!

Monday’s Creative Movement  with Carrie-Anne  at 4p Creative Movement (3 – 6 year olds)  Developing a love for movement with creativity, artistry, & joy is a goal of this class.  Discovering what our bodies can do, we explore movement in a variety of ways from fingers to toes, head to heart, with music & expression. We play with rhythm, pacing, & collaboration, learning how to move as dancers in fun, supportive, & creative ways.



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Thursday’s Kids Dance Party! with Gea  at 4p-5p (all ages)  Developing a love for movement with artistry, free movement, and play is a goal of this class.  Focusing on enjoying movement, moving freely, and celebrating the joy of dance in an encouraging environment. We also take time to explore our own creative movement. Moving our bodies with beautiful, healthy alignment facilitates us in all areas of our lives – empowering body, mind & spirit and creating positive energy flow. This is an excellent class to celebrate the joy of movement.


Drop In Rate: $13.00


(Classes must be all used within the dance semester, there are 9 classes in each semester).

1 class per week: $99.00

2 classes per week: $180.00

3 classes per week: $243.00

5 classes per week: $360.00