Alchemy’s Healing Home Practitioners


Interested in renting our beautiful space?

Alchemy is charging $12 per hour which includes: a presence on the web site, in newsletters and other community events if you are interested in joining the healing team!

Meet our Alchemy Healing Team!

Lucy Wallace, MA Dance/Movement Therapist

Alchemy of Movement Owner and Teacher Lucy WallaceLucy is offering one on one sessions for those wanting to deepen their connection to movement, choreography and the joy of dance!  Incorporating her master’s degree in Psychology, Lucy guides you in moving through the emotional layers of movement by supporting you to follow the body’s wisdom for truth and transformation – we don’t have to figure anything out! We don’t have to change or be a better version of ourselves – just celebrate how we show up!  $75 for one hour ~ contact Lucy at: 720-771-1993 to make an apt!

Sarah Jane Romano, Certified Massage Therapist

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Sarah Jane Romano

Sarah Jane, a longtime Alchemy teacher, is a Nationally Certified massage therapist in practice for 15 years following a 1000 hour training at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.  She is licensed in and practices deep tissue, sports, pre and post-natal massage and shiatsu.  Her style is akin to a deep body sculpting where sustained and long-flowing strokes follow the body’s natural contours and bone structures, promoting optimum function, flexibility, and relaxation.  When not dancing or working, SJ is usually found hanging out with her awesome husband and toddler in their mountain home, cruising the grocery store, or at the rock gym. Call: 303-817-6952 for rates and availability!

Jenna Noah, Sex Therapist, MA, LPCC, (PhD pending)

image1Jenna Noah works as a sex therapist in Boulder, CO. She sees clients in person and online (Via Skype). Jenna received her Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University. And is currently pursuing her PhD at Saybrook University with a specialization in Existential Therapy. Her dissertation is focused on sexuality and female empowerment. Jenna is the founder of Conscious Burlesque®.

Jenna is a member of AGPA (American Group Psychological Association) and leads process groups around topics of sexuality. Therapeutically Jenna works primarily with those going through a major life changes such as:

1. pregnancy or raising small kids
2. body image issues (including eating disorders)
3. divorce or loss of a major relationship
4. trauma (sexual or not)
5. menopause
6. miscarriage or abortion
7. addiction
8. coming out
9. gender transitions

Jenna integrates mindful body based awareness into her therapy practice. LGBTQ and BDSM friendly.

Reach Jenna at: 510-508-1549. For more info visit here.

Vadim Koperwas, The Art of Eye Gazing

Vadim offers one on one sessions with people interested in exploring the depth of their being through the ancient practice of eye gazing. A session may include some talking and direction in techniques that guide clients to a place of presence and peace. Contact: 720-229-4065 for a session – $45 for 45 min/ $60 for 60 min


They say the eyes are the window of the soul and that was certainly the case in my experience of learning the practice of “I Contact” with Vadim. This simple yet profound practice opens the doors  of perception to a soulful experience of self in relationship to others, and begs the question; Why has this practice been hidden in plain sight for so long?
Andy Oriel CMT

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