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Interested in renting?
Alchemy is charging $12 per hour which includes: a presence on the web site, in newsletters and other community events if you are interested in joining the healing team!

Meet our Alchemy Healing Team!

Lucy Wallace, MA Movement Maven

Alchemy of Movement Owner and Teacher Lucy WallaceLucy is offering one on one sessions for those wanting to deepen their connection to movement, choreography and the joy of dance! We all get into habitual grooves around our behavior, food, thoughts and especially in relation to our movement patterns. Incorporating her masters in Psychology, Lucy guides you in moving through the often emotional layers of movement by supporting you through breath and relaxation; in doing so you can soften the mind’s fearful grip around maintaining control and surrender to your body.  $60 for one hour ~ contact Lucy at: 720-771-1993 to make an apt!

Sarah Jane Romano, Certified Massage Therapist

Alchemy of Movement Teacher Sarah Jane Romano

We all know and LOVE SJ at Alchemy as she rocks the house with her World Heat classes – now she is offering massage. Like her teaching, she is strong and devoted as she heals daily tension and old injuries. Call: 303-817-6952 for rates and availability!

Heather Boreske, CMT, Ancient Healing Arts Practitioner

heather_boreske Heather is one of the lovely faces you see at Alchemy helping check dancers into class. She brings her unique gifts to her massage work and Life Direction Counseling as she guides clients with her Ancient Healing Arts Practice!

Call: 206-326-0032 to make an appointment or visit: heatherboreske.com for more info!

Jen Marshall, Certified Nutrition TherapistJen Marshall pic

As a certified nutrition therapist and founder of Be Balanced Healing, LLC, Jen’s specialty is helping clients regain inner balance while juggling life’s many responsibilities. She assists her clients with digestive problems, allergies, weight management, hormonal imbalances, sugar cravings, fatigue, and mood swings, among other conditions. Jen’s background in marketing for the organic food industry helped shape her knowledge of today’s food politics and how they impact your health. She received the master certification in nutrition therapy from Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutritionâ (Candidate). Jen is also a health writer, lecturer, media spokesperson and consultant to organic and natural brands.  Learn more about Jen’s nutrition philosophy at: facebook.com/BeBalancedHealing or call:  (720)
352-8769/email: Jen@BeBalancedHealing.com to make an appointment!

Aleza Stirling, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist, Via Erotica


Aleza calls her approach to psychotherapy Via Erotica, the Erotic path. It is the ordinary, natural, playful, creative path of Self Becoming driven by desire and longing. It is sexy and messy, feminine and earthy, relational and embodied.  She works best in the realm of the masculine and the feminine, whether this be in relationship, an internal archetypal journey, a spiritual emergency, and/or a sexual issue.  Aleza engages mindfulness and the creative process as well as  evidenced based cognitive behavioral and narrative approaches to transform depression, anxiety, lack of clarity, grief, anger, low self esteem, addiction or existential angst that are common experiences on the path of Self Becoming.  Her unique offering and eclectic approach can be further explored by visiting her website: alezastirling.com or Call: 303-261-7751 to make an appointment!

Ana Rosario, Life Coach and Healing Agent

ana_rosarioAna uses lifetimes of experience as well as studied tools and techniques to release your limiting beliefs and bring you into the remembrance of the truth of who you are. Her intuitive ability to recognize limitations allows space for release and change in the body, mind and life. She also draws upon her certification as an Eating Psychologist Counselor to explore, enhance and release limiting behavior, beliefs and patterns related to body image, food and our relationship with both.Contact Ana at 406-314-3747 or email her for rates and to schedule an apt!

Deanna Vierck

deanna_vierckDeanna Gabriel Vierck CCH is a certified clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner with a deep love and respect for the healing assistance offered through plant medicines. Private sessions with Deanna are a unique journey into the heart of our individual needs for healing. Together you will explore the relevant aspects of yourself in terms of personal perception and communication. From there opportunities will arise to consider your relationships with others and your environment. Each session focuses on gently moving through the layers of doubt, fear, self-consciousness, trauma and grief in order to unveil the shinning spirit that is your true nature. Deanna works with the medicines of flower essences, medicinal herbs, hydrosols and essential oils to assist you on your healing journey. Each session includes compassionate communication, topical application of plant medicines and personal reflection. A custom flower essence is created in each meeting to support you as you continue to heal and integrate the experiences of your time together. Each session is 1.5hrs. Contact Deanna for scheduling and rates 660-864-9062 or email her.

lisa_bradleyLisa Bradley, MA, R-DMT! Dance/Movement Therapist and Embodied Dance Facilitator

Lisa is a dancer, choreographer, dance/movement therapist, and embodied dance facilitator whose passion in career and life is to support inner authenticity to be expressed through dance art. In a private or duet session with Lisa, you will be gently guided through her new embodied dance/movement technique and choreographic tool, Elemental Movement Sculpting (EMS), to promote an integration of emotion and movement. Lisa’s Elemental Moves offerings are a therapeutic movement experience, and are designed to invigorate and nourish your authenticity to be created and expressed through embodied dance. For more information visit ElementalMoves.com or Email Me.

Mary Menger

mary_mengerMary is now offering Access Bars® sessions here at Alchemy’s Healing Home!  Have you had your Bars run? What are the Bars?”The Bars” are energy points on the head that, when lightly touched, release thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in old patterns and prevent us from choosing that which would enrich our lives. Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people, children & adults, in changing their lives and their bodies – it can assist with sleeping disorders, health, weight, sex, relationships, anxiety, and so much more. The Bars were developed by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®.

The thing I hear most from people when they get their Bars run is less mind chatter, a sense of peace, more joy & possibility….more ease and space…..so that something different can show up that couldn’t before.  Every Bars session is quite different. It is a very nurturing and relaxing process…you may feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage…and your whole life could change.  Mary also teaches The Bars 1 Day class – after one class you can offer Bars sessions. For more info about The Bars, visit bars.accessconsciousness.com For more info or to schedule a session, you can reach Mary at 303.903.9772 or via email.

Jenna Noah MA (PhD pending

Jenna Noah teaches workshops around the country, sees clients privately, and leads groups locally.
Jenna specializes in working with clients around sexual empowerment, body image, and relationship.
Jenna believes there is great significance in being able to stand in your sexuality, your body,
and your being and say, “This is it, this is me.”

Jenna invites clients to study authentic sensuality both the light and the dark. She calls on
clients to look deeply into their personal relationships and their relationships with themselves
to explore personal edges and recognize inherent health.
She can be reached at: jennanoah@gmail.com.