About Us

Alchemy of Movement is about the celebration of movement! Unlike other venues for exercise, AOM provides you with a healing and creative environment that enlivens your joy – free from the burden of being a professional dancer.We are a vibrant community offering dance classes in a non-competitive atmosphere.

AOM welcomes all levels from, “I have never taken a dance class” to, “I’ve been shaking my sassy self for years!”

The essence of our classes are about the joy of movement rather than what you look like from an external point of view. You are challenged and supported in each class to let go, to push your edges and let go even more. There is no right or wrong – it’s about feeling your body in a safe and inspired way.

Lucy Wallace and Jenna Noah are co-owners of Alchemy of Movement. They are thrilled to give back to the space and community that rekindled their love for dance!


From one of our male dancers!
Hey Lucy! I’ve been wanting to speak with you to say how grateful I am for you and your vibe that resides in your studio. I can’t believe that I’m fucking dancing in such a place that I don’t think…too much… about who might be watching and/or thinking about me. And it’s b/c of two things…first is I have taken a huge step within to do things that best serve me on my journey in this life and second, the vibe and atmosphere of non judgement, community and just having some fucking fun while we explore the shit, positive and negative, each of us have inside our bodies, minds and SOULS!
Feb. 2015
“I just wanted to say thank you for your Soul Sweat classes. Your class has allowed me to move forward after a string of tragedies–to vent anger and confusion and then find and create some kind of beauty that I can believe in.  I appreciate the spirit, rhythm, and energy you put into your classes. Dance heals!” Feb. 2015

“With so much on my mind… instead of finding a specific something I needed to work on… like letting go, breathing or even voice… I decided to TRUST the movement. Let it fill the gaps. Let it seep into all the places that are needed at this moment. No need to figure it out or find the perfect focus. Trust that the dance will go exactly where it’s needed. And I loved it!” Sept. 2014

“I took the Beginner Soul Sweat Class with Lucy… I was so inspired I stayed for Soul Sweat. I am in pretty good shape — so I was pleased to find that this class was still a challenge for me. Yet Lucy teaches with a gentleness that says “Welcome to the joy of your body”. This class manages to meet each student at their own level. Lucy teaches steps that require newbies to think and pay attention, while she continually but gently encourages students to “lose themselves in the dance”… or “let the dance take over you”. I loved the way she combined both listening to your body and challenging your body in one class. Topped off by her fun and funky choreography, inspired by a backdrop of great music sourced from a wide variety of genres, this was a 5 star experience. I can’t wait to go back!!!”

“What a fabulous dance studio for adults!! I’d been looking for one for years & finally found my home at Alchemy. Can’t say enough positive things about this studio & the classes they offer. My favorite class is Soul Sweat…..love the simple, yet fun, choreography in the classes & always feel so amazing after. Love, love, love this place!!”

“I first went here for some exercise and to have fun. You will definitely get a good workout, while having fun too! Alchemy is SO much more than that. It’s a place where you will naturally become absorbed in your personal movement experience; all self-consciousness and worry gets left outside the door!! You will not be disappointed!”

“I leave every class joyful and glad I attended.  Great staff and great clients make for a fun workout.”

“I love to take classes at Alchemy because it is so laid-back, low light, and no judgement. It’s all about feeling good about yourself and the world around you.”

“A special place…not your ordinary dance studio. An amazing community of women, men, young and not so young. People from different backgrounds. Diverse variety of classes and instructors. Owner is customer-centered. Studio is spacious, airy, colorful. I love the energy created there. You feel like you are a part of something special. You truly do not need to know how dance. The friendly instructors encourage you to “get it wrong…get messy…let go…breathe…listen to your body…get heavy…be light…feel the rhythms…do as much or as little as you need”. LOVE the Lucy sass, Jazzy Lisa, Groovin’ Maria, Soulful SJ, Sultry Heather and the Master…Chantal. I dance at Alchemy to feed my spirit.”

“Alchemy is an amazing place. The instructors are kind and extremely talented, the ambiance is lovely, and you just feel good after taking a class. I’m so happy to have found it!”